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This post is from the JMBzine Blog Vault, which means it is a very old blog post that I wrote at a very different time of my life. My views on religion, politics, and many other subjects have drastically changed over the years, so please bear this in mind when reading this post. 

Thursday, September 27, 2001

6:30 pm

A45. Ponder it.

2022: I’m sure this meant something to me when I wrote it (where I parked?), but I have no idea today.

6:28 pm

This is rather disturbing, Christian Guide to Small Arms

5:07 pm

Listening to Phil Ochs’ song I ain’t marching anymore. Such a powerful song, especially in these times.

3:51 pm

I found this from a NY Times story:

Mr. Jackson, 59, said in an NBC television interview today that he had discussed the matter with Secretary of State Colin L. Powell and the national security adviser Condoleeza Rice, who he said were “not at all hostile” to the proposed mission,

But Mr. Powell’s deputy, Richard Armitage, also speaking on NBC television, said today: “We’re not interested in a dialogue. We’re interested in action and no negotiation. The demands are not subject to dialogue.”

The first paragraph is intrigueing, but the second one is more troublesome. Even if Jackson is able to negotiate some kind of settlement, it looks like the US is not willing to accept anything but total aqcuience by the Taliban. And that is unlikely to happen.

Now, more than ever is the time to pray for peace.

2022: Rereading these posts from 2001 reminds me how evil the Bush administration was, and how that the more recent attempts to rehab their reputation (including Bush and Powell) should not be taken seriously. These people were extreme warmongers and we are still paying the price for it, more than 20 years later.

Unfortunately, I didn’t provide a link to the NYT story and I can’t find it via archives.

2:10 pm


  • US Diplomats to leave Indonesia, Arab league says its member-states will not participate
  • Afghan opposition vows to support ousted King

From The NY Times:

2022: Some Broken links

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