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Friday, November 02, 2001

5:50 pm is a really nifty blogger-powered site.

2023 Update: The website today says that it is closed, but the link above links to it on’s Wayback machine in all of its glory.

4:03 pm

Here’s another zine that is new to the scene: Struck Mute

2023 Update: Broken link.

4:01 pm

Been listening to Robert Earl Keen quite a bit lately. I sure do like his songs. I’m getting homesick for Texas listening to them, and I haven’t left yet.

2023 Update: I’m still a big fan. He did retire from active touring this year, but I’m hopeful that maybe we’ll get some new music from him down the road.

I also notice the remark about “I’m getting homesick… and I haven’t let yet.” This makes me think this was about the time that I decided it was time to move back to Oklahoma. Partly the decision was financial (being a full-time pedicab driver wasn’t paying the bills after the post 9-11 economic slump), partly it was religious disillusionment (a story I’ll save for another time), but probably the deciding factor was the conversations I had with an older pedicab driver named Chris. (I wish I knew his last name — I do remember him being a hardcore bicycle activist, cannabis enthusiast and originally from Louisiana). Chris convinced me that I needed to read Wendell Berry, which ended up changing my life in so many ways. In initially though, Berry’s writing awoke in me a desire to reconnect with my roots.

3:29 pm

I have been playing around with today and have found some cool aerial photographs of some locations of interest to me… 2023 Update: Sadly these links are mostly broken. Terraserver continued for a time, but according to Wikipedia closed in 2016.

2:45 pm


12:22 pm

The NY Times:

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