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I’m continuing my adult educational journey this Spring through adding some new online classes to my schedule through Tohono O’odham Community College,

For the Spring semester, I’m taking two rather ironic classes (for a tribal college), US History (Civil War to the present) and Western Civilization (1400’s to the present), but thus far I am very, very impressed by the perspective that is being used in how we are orienting to the subject matter at hand.

Anyway, I’m going to be sharing some of what I’m writing for my classes (these are asynchronous classes, so most of the class involves reading and writing) as posts here. I’m doing this partially for my own recollection, but also because I’m hoping to convince others to consider TOCC.

Speaking of this school — they have a radically affordable way of doing tuition. Any person who is an enrolled tribal citizen of a federally recognized tribe is given FREE tuition, while everyone (including indigenous folks like myself who are not enrolled citizens) can study at TOCC at the rate of $35/credit hour. And for the icing on top — the textbooks are FREE!

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