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Wednesday, October 31, 2001

3:33 pm

I just got an email about a new zine on the streets, O My Soul. It touts itself as being a rock n roll theology magazine.

3:31 pm

Take a look at Tim Burger’s Art Gallery. (2023 Update: Broken link. Tim is still making art though, mostly of the tattoo variety.)


  • Time to think about torture (2023 Update: Broken link)– an op-ed piece orginally in Newsweek by Jonathan Alter. It is extremely disturbing and downright immoral to begin to justify torture of any kind, for any reason. This is a prime example of the evil that is justified by moral relativism. (when the ends are allowed to justify the means) I’m sure fascists like US Attorney General John Ashcroft would love what he said.

3:26 pm

Back in San Marcos again… time with the family was good, and the funeral was very bitter-sweet. It was so sad to lose my grandpa but at the same time, it was so encouraging to hear all of the stories about him and the life he led. I would consider my life to be a success, if when I die that my life was half as meaningful as his.

The drive back was beautiful. I went straight south from the farm to Apache, then to the H.E. Bailey Turnpike (I-44) near Lawton, then south on it until Wichita Falls, TX, and then south on US 281 to Blanco, TX, before cutting east to San Marcos. I don’t think I will ever take the I-35 to San Marcos again. (2023 Update: I still prefer this route to Austin. I-35 has only gotten worse over the last 2 decades.)

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