From the JMBzine vault: Saturday, September 15, 2021

This post is from the JMBzine Blog Vault, which means it is a very old blog post that I wrote at a very different time of my life. My views on religion (I’m now a Humanistic Jew), politics (today I’m a democratic socialist), and many other subjects (LGBTQ+ inclusion, abortion rights, etc.) have drastically changed over the years, so please bear this in mind when reading this post.

From the JMBzine vault: Saturday, September 15, 2021

2:30 pm

From today in MSNBC:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator removed from some store shelves
  • Osama bin-Laden and associates trained by US military in terrorism
  • Pakistan accepts US battle plan; Afghans ask foreigners to leave

(2022): All of these links from MSNBC are broken and I can’t find them archived anywhere.

2:08 pm

The war drums are pounding and the future does not look bright. What’s especially disturbing is the misinformation being churned out by Bush and his propaganda team. For instance, let’s take Bush’s statement that “this is the first war of the twenty-first century.”

It’s not. Many wars were being fought when the century begun, including the still on-going US/UN war against Iraq. Why can’t we come clean on this? We’ve bombing Iraq at least once a week and are butchering the children of Iraq with our inhumane sanctions.

If Bush can’t tell the truth on this, how can we expect him or his administration to tell the truth on this new war we are about to undertake.

2:02 pm

From today’s NY Times:

(2022): One of these links is broken, it looks like it was originally an AP story based on the URL.

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