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Friday, September 14, 2001

6:46 pm

At Scholtzky’s in Austin at a cyberterminal. Strangely enough their cybernanny blocks, but NOT where I can update it! Very strange.

(2022): This was from a short window of time when internet was spreading out more and more, but wi-fi wasn’t yet a common thing. As I recall, it was a computer terminal type of thing in the restaurant that anyone could use for a limited amount of time.

4:05 pm

Watching the news today on this “National Day of Prayer and Remembrance.” I feel very weary as I am sure the rest of the nation does. May God bring our nation and world hope and comfort in our bereavement, and may God show us how to respond to this horrible act of hatred with forgiveness and reconcilation.

(2022): Here is a link to the Presidential proclamation that called for this day to happen and here is a link to the wikipedia article to the article on “Patriot Day,” which became the annual commemoration of 9-11.

As much I appreciate societies creating space for collective mourning, the USA’s decision to call it “patriot day” was a terrible mistake, turning mourning all too often into calls for vengeance and hatred.

2:43 pm

From A report that CNN was airing footage from 1991 of Palestinians dancing in the streets as if the footage was from after the bombing

From the NY Times: The Reaction: For Many, Sorrow Turns to Anger and Talk of Vengeance

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