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Wednesday, September 12, 2001

3:20 pm

Latest news on the victims of the attack
(2022): Sadly another broken link from MSNBC. 

3:13 pm

Just announced on MSNBC: Bush was likely a target

(2022): broken link

3:00 pm

It looks like the US Department of State is back into B.S. mode…

The purpose of this report is to present the facts concerning Iraq under Saddam Hussein.

There are a wealth of charges and counter-charges concerning actions undertaken by Saddam and by the international community towards Iraq.

Based on publicly available information, the facts contained in this report demonstrate that under the regime of Saddam Hussein, Iraq continues to repress its people, threaten the region, and obstruct international efforts to provide humanitarian relief.

We are helping the Iraqi people in their efforts to bring about a regime that is committed to living in peace with its neighbors and respecting the rights of its citizens.

We want to see Iraq return as a respected and prosperous member of the international community, and as the evidence shows, this is unlikely to happen as long as Saddam Hussein is in power.

As long as Saddam Hussein is in power, we are determined to contain the Iraqi regime and prevent it from threatening the region or its own people. We will also continue our efforts to increase humanitarian relief for the people of Iraq, over the obstructions of the regime.


Hmm… we’re helping the Iraqi people? We sure have a funny way of “helping” them…

Sanctions target the weakest and most vulnerable members of the Iraqi society-the poor, elderly, newborn, sick, and young. Many equate sanctions with violence. The sanctions, coupled with pain inflicted by US and UK military attacks, have reduced Iraq’s infrastructure to virtual rubble. Oxygen factories, water sanitation plants, and hospitals remain in dilapidated states. Surveys by the United Nation’s Children’s Fund (Unicef) and the World Health Organization (WHO) note a marked decline in health and nutrition throughout Iraq. (1)

While estimates vary, many independent authorities assert that at least 500,000 Iraqi children under five have died since 1990, in part as a result of the sanctions and the effects of the Gulf War. An August 1999 Unicef report found that the under-five mortality rate in Iraq has more than doubled since the imposition of sanctions. (2) Former UN humanitarian coordinator for Iraq Denis Halliday has remarked that the death toll is “probably closer now to 600,000 and that’s over the period of 1990-1998. If you include adults, it’s well over 1 million Iraqi people.” (3)

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2:55 pm

ok, it’s time for some comic relief from The Onion…

Good Citizenship Tips

That sucker Jesus has forgiven me for some pretty bad sins – ok, this guy missed the whole “grace not being a license to sin” thing, but it is funny. (and there are some folks out there who really live this way which is crazy whack)

2:51 pm

Well it looks like the Conspiracy Theorist nuts have already come out of the woodwork.

Here’s another interesting news item…

Wed Sep 12, 2:24 PM ET Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat donates blood at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2001. Arafat, along with hundreds of Palestinians, participated in a blood drive for the victims of the deadly airline hijackings in the United States which he condemned as a ‘horrible attack.’ (AP Photo/Adel Hana) (click here to read more)

(2022): broken link

2:45 pm

Thank God! I just got an email from my friend Aimee and she is safe!

12:14 am

NY Times: Lower Manhattan to Stay Closed

12:01 am

Taken from:…

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” God has inspired both believers and non-believers with inspired songs! Dylan, The Moody Blues, U2, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Simon and Garfunkel, Roy Orbison and 100 other so-called “secular” groups have put out more “spiritual” songs that the entire Christian music industry has. The people are not dumb! Sure, they have been buying praise and worship albums, but they are going to stop buying this mush. Sales are going to fall through the floor unless we start to offer tunes and melodies! Of course the lyrics must be excellent…that’s essential. For that to happen songwriters would have to start reading and loving and writing poetry! I mean LOVE poetry! Love the great poetry God has given the world. I can’t deal with lyrics because that’s another subject in itself.

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