This is the latest installment of my posts, where I’m posting about my efforts to bike at least 4200 miles (the length of the TransAmerica bike route) in the Jewish year of 5784. Click here to read more about this initiative.


October 4, 2023

Today’s mileage: 5.95
JYTD 1 Mileage: 117.23
Where I am at on my imaginary ride of the TransAmerica Bike route: between Ashland and Mineral, Virginia.

Summary: Hallelujah! My new ebike arrived today.

It is another Ecotric Starfish, a very low-priced folding e-bike. I debated about the wisdom of buying another cheap e-bike, but decided to stay with this model for the following reasons:

  1. Price (under $600 with discounts, plus $50 for a protection plan via Amazon)
  2. Buying the same model means I have an old bike, full of parts to cannibalize as needed.
  3. I will have maximum battery flexibility.

So anyway after doing final assembly on this bike (there wasn’t much that had to be done), I did two test rides.


ebike in a box
ebike in a box
Ecotric Starfish ebike assembled
Ecotric Starfish ebike assembled






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