Local transmission of MALARIA happening in the US for the first time in 20 years

NBC News: CDC issues alert after 5 cases of locally acquired malaria reported in Texas and Florida — The cases were the first in 20 years to be acquired in the U.S., with no links to travel outside the country.

Yet another sign of . I’m writing this post how as a memo to my future self, 20 years from now, who wonders if people in 2023 were really unaware of what was happening.

This story is a perfect example of where we are at today. The obvious (but unstated) conclusion from this story is that the upswing in malaria is tied to an upswing in , which is tied to an upswing of rain and heat, which is tied to global . Yet, this article doesn’t connect the dots at all, with instead readers given no information on WHY malaria is now present in the USA, but also HOW our actions right now as a society are creating harms like the spread of where it previously wasn’t being spread.

This failure by the media (including in this case, a supposedly liberal news organization like NBC) is directly responsible for climate change not being on the radar screen of most US Americans.

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  1. @jmb My 2 bits, as someone who has published on this.Summer temperatures in Texas and Florida have always been high enough to sustain malaria transmission, so I think it’s patently absurd to think these few cases are linked to warming.

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