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October 17, 2001

4:10 pm

MSNBC reports that United Airlines may go out of business next year. (2023: broken link)


1:48 pm

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1:37 pm

From the NY Times:


1:30 pm

Via BLOGGER I discovered an interesting site, truthwithin.com. I found it be interesting in its approach to looking at all religions. However, I do question some of the author’s statements on the “mission” page:

TRUTH WITHIN is dedicated to the idea that almost every religion, world view or philosophy contains some aspects that are true, and that we posess the ability to recognize those truths within ourselves. We do not promote any one religion or organization above another, and likewise, we will not support any group or submission that supports hate, violence, or bigotry against anyone.

We support the idea that there is a greater something beyond ourselves that no one person can explain or control.

We support the idea that each person has a responsibility to themselves to go out and experience life, to discover what they truly believe about themselves, their morality, their goals and dreams.

We support the idea that each person has the power to decide what is true for them, and that no one else has the right to decide what is true for you.

We support the idea that fear, hatred and discrimination come from not being able to see that all people have qualities that make them worthwhile, useful, important, and equal. No one has the right to decide that someone else is less important that themselves simply because that other person does not share their religious or personal views, sexual orientation, racial heritage, or marital status.

We support the idea that one must fight for the “right things” in this world, such as peace, freedom and tolerance – but that by educating the public, your weapons are words and understanding.

We support the idea that physical violence is always the last resort.

My question is this…how can you make statements like “physical violence is always the last resort” or that “peace, freedom, and tolerance” are the “right” things in the world, if you believe that all truth is relative to the individual. I agree with both of these statements that I quoted in this paragraph, but the reason I agree with them is that they are truth for everyone, not just the individual. I don’t understand how Truthwithin thinks that some truth is relative and some truth is absolute. Either truth is truth, or it’s not truth at all.

(2023: My thinking about objective vs. subjective truth has changed a fair bit since 2001.)


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