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Thursday, October 11, 2001

6:58 pm

Blather reports that “Rep. J.C. Watts, an Oklahoma Republican who supports tighter airport security, has apologized after — there’s just no other way to put this — throwing a hissy fit at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City. Returning from the terminal to find his illegally-parked car tagged with a $15 ticket, Watts started yelling, demanded to know what good the ticket would do “if I had a bomb” and stuffed the ticket under the officer’s badge. The officer, who at this point would have been entitled under state law to open up a big ol’ can of Oklahoma whup-ass, has refused to take an apologetic phone call from the congressman.” [more] (2023): Broken link

Also, while on the subject take a look at J.C. Watts’ congressional website. This site is screaming REDESIGN!

5:36 pm

From TAMU Extension Service: Texas Fall Gardening Guide

Now that the LSAT is over, I’m starting work on my fall garden. I’m planning to plant lettuce, carrots, beans, herbs, and also maybe a wildflower bed. It is so nice having such a long growing season here in San Marcos. BTW, if you live in Texas now is the time to plant bluebonnets if you want spring blooms…





5:09 pm

Just found out about the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
Here’s their statement on the recent events… 

RAWA statement on the terrorist attacks in the US
The people of Afghanistan have nothing to do with Osama and his accomplices>

On September 11, 2001 the world was stunned with the horrific terrorist attacks on the United States. RAWA stands with the rest of the world in expressing our sorrow and condemnation for this barbaric act of violence and terror. RAWA had already warned that the United States should not support the most treacherous, most criminal, most anti-democracy and anti-women Islamic fundamentalist parties because after both the Jehadi and the Taliban have committed every possible type of heinous crimes against our people, they would feel no shame in committing such crimes against the American people whom they consider “infidel”. In order to gain and maintain their power, these barbaric criminals are ready to turn easily to any criminal force.

But unfortunately we must say that it was the government of the United States who supported Pakistani dictator Gen. Zia-ul Haq in creating thousands of religious schools from which the germs of Taliban emerged. In the similar way, as is clear to all, Osama Bin Laden has been the blue-eyed boy of CIA. But what is more painful is that American politicians have not drawn a lesson from their pro-fundamentalist policies in our country and are still supporting this or that fundamentalist band or leader. In our opinion any kind of support to the fundamentalist Taliban and Jehadies is actually trampling democratic, women’s rights and human rights values.

If it is established that the suspects of the terrorist attacks are outside the US, our constant claim that fundamentalist terrorists would devour their creators, is proved once more.

The US government should consider the root cause of this terrible event, which has not been the first and will not be the last one too. The US should stop supporting Afghan terrorists and their supporters once and for all.

Now that the Taliban and Osama are the prime suspects by the US officials after the criminal attacks, will the US subject Afghanistan to a military attack similar to the one in 1998 and kill thousands of innocent Afghans for the crimes committed by the Taliban and Osama? Does the US think that through such attacks, with thousands of deprived, poor and innocent people of Afghanistan as its victims, will be able to wipe out the root-cause of terrorism, or will it spread terrorism even to a larger scale?

From our point of view a vast and indiscriminate military attacks on a country that has been facing permanent disasters for more than two decades will not be a matter of pride. We don’t think such an attack would be the expression of the will of the American people.

The US government and people should know that there is a vast difference between the poor and devastated people of Afghanistan and the terrorist Jehadi and Taliban criminals.

While we once again announce our solidarity and deep sorrow with the people of the US, we also believe that attacking Afghanistan and killing its most ruined and destitute people will not in any way decrease the grief of the American people. We sincerely hope that the great American people could DIFFERENTIATE between the people of Afghanistan and a handful of fundamentalist terrorists. Our hearts go out to the people of the US.

Down with terrorism!


(2023): RAWA is still alive today and still has a website. Unfortunately, the struggle for liberation has become much harder since the second Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

11:43 am

The Daily Telegraph of the UK reports:

IRAQ, which yesterday shot down an unmanned American aircraft in the “no-fly zone”, has been told by the United States that it will be attacked if it exploits the situation in Afghanistan to further its interests.

“There will be a military strike against you and you will be defeated,” John Negroponte, the US ambassador to the United Nations, told his Iraqi counterpart, reported the Washington Post.

The meeting between Mr Negroponte and Mohammed Douri, the Iraqi envoy, was the first diplomatic encounter between their countries for several years and reflected a growing desire from elements of the Bush administration to deal with Saddam Hussein.

Iraq has emerged as the single biggest issue that could divide the United States and Britain during the war on terrorism. The question about what to do with Iraq also represents a fault line within the Bush administration. [more]

(2023): At this point, we are seeing the campaign of lies to justify the US invasion of Iraq in full force.

11:09 am

A third case of anthrax has been reported in Florida.(2023): Broken link.

10:53 am

This is interesting… In reading the NY Times today, there is a huge contradiction. First (as I quoted earlier) in a story on the Canadian health care system, the US life expectancy at birth was quoted as 73.5 (males) / 80.2 (females), but in the “National Briefing” section, it says that it is 74.1 (male) / 79.5 (female).

10:48 am

The American war against Afghanistan has entered its 5th day. It appears that there is now an escalation of hostilities with the Times reporting that the US is targeting Taliban troop installations. (Who knows how many thousands will die today? Likely many more than died at the WTC.)

The Times also reports that the major US TV networks have agreed to voluntary censorship of video footage from Osama bin Laden.(2023): Broken link. –Sheesh, I thought this was a free country? Why are we censoring things?

10:33 am

Here are some interesting stats from today’s NY Times on Canada’s health care system…

Life expectancy at birth (male/female)
US: 73.5, 80.2
Canada: 76.1, 81.9

Health Expenditure (per capita)
US: $3,858
Canada: $1,899

Infant Mortality (per 1000 live births)
US: 7.0
Canada: 5.6

Hmm… I used to be very opposed to universal health care, but not anymore. Look at these numbers? It sure looks like Canada’s health system is both cheaper and more efficient.

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