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Wednesday, October 03, 2001

3:23 pm

MSNBC has run two very inflamatory and offensive editorial by Michael Kelly attacking pacifists for being pro-terrorist. I’m including links to them both so you can see what the other side in the intellectual conflict is saying… editorial #1 editorial #2
MSNBC has also ran a very effective response to Kelly’s editorial that focused on the long range goals of pacifism. The response was written by Paul Kvinta.
(2023): Broken Links. It seems like all of the links from MSNBC from this era are broken.

12:49 am

Read the latest edition of my column, Pacifist Ammo (scroll down to the second column from the top) It appears every other week in the University Star, the SWT campus newspaper.

(2023): The link above does work. Just scroll down on the page to find it. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I wrote the headline for it (“Paperwork could save you from the draft”). It is fascinating for me to re-read, as it would be just a few years later that plunged in headfirst into anti-war/pro-servicemember activism, as well as organizing around a possible future draft.

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