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This is the latest installment of my posts, where I’m posting about my efforts to bike at least 4200 miles (the length of the TransAmerica bike route) in the Jewish year of 5784. Click here to read more about this initiative.

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September 17, 2023

Today’s mileage: 19.2
JYTD 1 Mileage: 39.19
Where I am at on my imaginary ride of the TransAmerica Bike route: Near Charles City, VA

Summary: My journey today took me from Barnes & Noble (near NW 63rd and May), then northward through Nichols Hills and The Village, then a pitstop at HTeaO (for some unsweetened raspberry tea), and then a stop by a friend’s house for a short visit. After that I traveled west to Lake Hefner where I shot some amazing sunset pictures, and then around the lake to the west side, then northward to home.


picture of Polluck-Warriner
Pollock-Warriner House, 2400 NW 59th St. (designed by Architect Bruce Goff – see https://okcmod.com/architecture/gallery/pollock-warriner-house/)


Another very cool house, not far from the Bruce Goff-designed house.

Grand Blvd in Nichols Hills — once this was the big loop highway that went around OKC back in the day. Today it is one of my favorite places to ride.

picture of Lake Hefner parkway, as seen from overpass

Crossing the Lake Hefner Parkway

sunset at Lake Hefner

Lots of pictures of sunset at Lake Hefner

sunset at Lake Hefner sunset at Lake Hefner - close up of flower sunset at Lake Hefner heron flying over Lake Hefner at sunset sunset at Lake Hefner sunset at Lake Hefner




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