Experimenting (again) with blogging via wordpress but also as part of the fediverse

proposed Fediverse logo image of a tilted star inside of a pentagram, with 5 points of star being dots, meant to symbolize networked nature of fediverse

Hello friends,

I’ve blogged for many, many years mostly under the name of JMBzine.com, but a while back I got very frustrated with WordPress after I experienced having my account hacked and I went back to blogging via a static HTML website.

I enjoyed doing the static website, however, two things have convinced me that it is time to try going back to :

  1. Static HTML is fun to write and cleaner, but it takes time. And then adding the complications of photos and graphics, the end result is that I blog much less frequently.
  2. I’m now a big fan of the  (most commonly known by the public through the  platform) and thanks to a plugin, a WordPress website CAN be part of the fediverse.

So, this is my new trial run. For now I will keep my old static blog up but if the trial goes well, I will eventually transition all of my old content over here.

P.S. The main places to find me on the fediverse (besides this blog) are: okpeace.org/@jmb (general posts, , and  mostly) and at simcha.lgbt/@jmb (#Judaism,  and  issues).

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