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I finally got COVID. Started showing symptoms late on Friday night but thought it was allergies and/or a cold. Negative COVID test on Saturday. Sick all weekend with lingering low grade fever, fatigue, and bad cough.

Did another COVID test today and this time was positive. I’m now isolating in one room to improve the odds that Becky and Ty won’t get it, but otherwise am feeling tolerable and I’m relieved that I haven’t had the more worrisome symptoms. — also very appreciative of the used Samsung smartwatch I got this week that measures pulse ox levels.

It is frustrating as I have no idea how I got it (i consistently mask in indoor public spaces),but I guess this variant is more persistent. But on a more positive note, I definitely am VERY glad I got my 4 shots (2 rounds of vaccine plus 2 boosters), as I wouldn’t have wanted to be sicker than this.

Assuming i feel up to it, tomorrow I’m getting back on the bike. Not riding for 4 days is too long. Becky says I’m ok to ride as Im not giving anyone COVID while rolling. It will probably be a short ride but something is better than nothing.

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