Incredibly sad news. I have a lot of fond memories of this place…

1. Attending the progressive pastor’s breakfast (back when I was a minister) and talking and over coffee with folks like Zach Gleason, Kathy Shook McCallie and Lance A Schmitz

2. Taking a break from a hot afternoon of tabling at —- their cool and dark dining room was a lovely place on a hot summer day to hide out.

3. Eating there with my family on Friday nights, as my son loved to eat their massive club sandwiches prior to Shabbat services — not even remotely kosher (thanks to the bacon), but it had become a frequent treat for us in the pre-covid days. I do wonder if Ingrid’s might consider someday publishing a cookbook of some of their classic recipes, like for their breads and deserts, but also for the German potato salad (I’m not a fan of most creamy-potato salads, but this one was vinegar based instead and was delightful)? I know we would buy one if they sold them.

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