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Monday, October 08, 2001

1:26 am

Austin Against War reports that over 300 attended emergency protests at the capitol on the day on Sunday.

1:26 am

Saturday was a good day overall. I took the LSAT Saturday morning, and I think it went well. (Of course I won’t know until I get the score back.) I was freaked out big time as I couldn’t sleep the night before, but thankfully God saved my butt big time because I was actually fairly pumped and ready to go by the time I drove to UIW in San Antonio.

Then in the afternoon kicked back and watched the Texas-OU game. Normally I am a UT fan, but when they play OU then all bets are off. Overall it was the best OU-Texas game I have ever seen, and was especially impressed with the performance of OU’s Jason White who filled in as QB for the last 3 quarters of the game. I remember seeing Jason play for Tuttle (the rival of my old High School in Newcastle, OK). He was an amazing player then, and is even more amazing now.

Then today, I drove from San Marcos to Austin to catch a plane to OKC. En route though, I heard the news on the radio. The US had began bombing Afghanistan. Talk about the outlook of the world changing fast. This is one ****ed up world we live in folks. I wonder how many civilians died today.

For any of y’all in Austin, stay updated on protest actions this week at, or nationally at

(2023): A few more recollections from the day of taking the LSAT — I drove down to San Antonio to take the test, I think at the University of the Incarnate Word, but I think afterwards I went to Central Market. I also remember having a play list of music to get pumped up with during the break mid-test. I don’t remember any of the tracks, except for the song “Alive” by P.O.D.

My score ended up being pretty decent, in the 80th percentile. Unfortunately I had the bad luck of starting law school in 2002 (when many, many people also decided to go back to school), so my sub-par undergrad GPA limited my options. I ended up going to Oklahoma City University, a great law school in many ways, but insanely overpriced (I’m still paying for it 20+ years later with no hope in sight)

One other memory from this time — flying was very surreal so soon after 9-11. I remember that I wore some small peace button and got some dirty looks from other passengers. I’m not sure why I flew this time, because I normally either drove, took the train (which still had a smoking section in one of the cars in those days!) or Greyhound.

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