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Friday, September 28, 2001

7:18 pm is a Canadian based alt-news source.

7:08 pm

Hahaha, I’m at Scholtzky’s cyberterminal right now, but their cybernanny/censor now won’t let folks see now that I posted the last post on gun control.

2023: This was from the time when getting online in a public space was very unusual — wifi was not yet commonly available. — Also this was at the fancy Scholotzky’s location at 218 S. Lamar. It was an amazing space with an upper floor deck (and a bakery) but unfortunately there is now another big building in its place. called Zilker Point.

7:07 pm

A recent column by Molly Ivins, whom I usually agree with has taken a pretty hardline in favor of gun control. I agree with you Molly, with one caveat… ban all the guns, starting with the ones the cops carry. I for one don’t like the thought of a world where only the cops have guns.

Until the cops lay down theirs, not a chance.

(BTW, while I support gun owner rights I personally would not use a gun against another human being. I only believe in gun use for recreation/hunting.)

2022: I wasn’t able to find this column online.

4:21 pm reports that Austin resident, Michael Dell is on its top 400 richest Americans list at 9.8 Billion dollars. OK, think about this… 9.8 billion dollars divided by 1 million (my guess of the Austin metro population) is $9,800 per person! This is whack that there is this kind of gap between the rich and poor in this city to say nothing of the rest of the country.

3:52 pm

USA Today has broke the story that small units of US and UK special forces are engaged in a secret manhunt for bin Laden in southwestern Afghanistan.

ABC News has an interview with a defector from the al Queda organization.

The Washington Post has a on the last minute spiritual and practical directions for the hi-jackers.

2022: ABC and WP stories are broken links.

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