This post is from the JMBzine Blog Vault, which means it is a very old blog post that I wrote at a very different time of my life. My views on religion (I’m now a Humanistic Jew), politics (today I’m a democratic socialist), and many other subjects (LGBTQ+ inclusion, abortion rights, etc.) have drastically changed over the years, so please bear this in mind when reading this post.

Thursday, August 16, 2001

10:32 pm

This is creepy.

Editors note (2022): Link to the old demookie forum site is broken (and I can’t find it archived anywhere), but from the URL it appears that the headline read “Local governments to bend land use rules to accommodate private interests”

10:30 pm

This week’s update includes an interesting account of a raid by FCC thugs at Free Radio Tucson.

10:02 pm

picture of the Gold Dome Building, Oklahoma City

9:16 pm

It looks like the Bush administration is practicing some “fuzzy math” to explain away their raiding of Social Security. I am no big fan of Al Gore (I can proudly say that I didn’t vote for Twiddle Dee or Twiddle Dumber.), but I sure wish we had Gore’s lock box around right now.

9:08 pm

The Industry Standard is dead. How fast things change. It looks like it’s R.I.P. for the “New Economy.”

4:04 pm

Those Mormons sure have some strange beliefs.

Editors note (2022): After having spent a lot of time in reading in many religious traditions over the last two decades, I’m not so sure that the LDS/Mormon tradition is as “strange” as I did back in 2001. Most religious traditions have beliefs that are bizarre to outsiders, so I wouldn’t feel the need to make a remark like this today. Today I judge religious beliefs on whether they encourage humans to be better humans or hurt humans, not based on how weird it sounds.

2:28 pm

NY Times – Beazley Execution halted by TX Court of Criminal Appeals

Reported to Be Vanishing, Cajuns Give a Sharp ‘Non’

By RICK BRAGG, NY Times – Census Bureau analysts say new survey data suggesting a significant dwindling in the population of Cajun Louisiana may not reflect an actual downturn. – This story makes me wonder if the regional differences in the USA will be gone in a few generations.

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