From the JMBzine Vault – August 11, 2001

From the JMBzine Vault – August 11, 2001

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Editorial note (2022): – Today I fully support LGBTQ+ equality in all areas of society, including religious life. But I am still leaving this post from 21 years ago intact (other than with this note of warning) as I think it does help to explain the trajectory of change when it comes to issues like this one.

CW: Homophobia

God don’t make no junk, by Sam Martin – This essay really makes you think. It is the account of a man and his experiences as a homosexual man who also believes in the teachings of Jesus.

A few years ago, if I had read this I would have given a very snap response, “this man is just deceived by the devil.” But now, I don’t know. Maybe it is that I’ve come across so many good and sincere Christian men and women who struggle with understanding their sexuality. Several guys in particular that I’ve talked to, have shared how that they didn’t want to be gay, and prayed and prayed that God would take away their orientations, but the feelings didn’t go away, and then finally gave up. Some of those folks still believe in God, but not in the teachings of scripture against homosexuality. Others walk away from their faith all together.

Frankly, I don’t understand it. I don’t why the Bible teaches against homosexuality so stridently, but yet at the same time some people do seem to be born with homosexual inclinations.

Of course, I have met several men and women who claim to be delivered from homosexuality. Some of them I believe, others I don’t. I guess when it comes down to it, I believe with all of my heart that God can do anything, including changing a person’s sexual orientation. However, for whatever reason, very often (maybe even most of the time), God does not change those people.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I lean towards saying that the Catholic view of homosexuality is better than that of Evangelical Protestants. My understanding of Catholic doctorine is that it is not a sin to have homosexual feelings, but it is a sin to engage in any kind of sexual behavior (hetero or homosexual) outside of marriage. So in effect, a Catholic homosexual would remain in full communion as long as they remained celibate.

OK, I know that opens up another big kettle of fish, but I’ll leave it there for now…

10:37 am – This is the new website developed by the LDS (Mormon) church which has much of their vast genealogical records online.

I wonder if any of these Branums might be kinfolks.

Yahoo News/Reuters Photo: Western White House Logo – August 9, 2001

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