From the JMBzine Vault – May 24, 2001, 11:20 pm

This post is from the JMBzine Blog Vault, which means it is a very old blog post that I wrote at a very different time of my life. My views on religion (I’m now a Humanistic Jew), politics (today I’m a democratic socialist), and many other subjects (LGBTQ+ inclusion, abortion rights, etc.) have drastically changed over the years, so please bear this in mind when reading this post.

oh yeah, be sure and read h.a. halpert is a very cool pioneer of this kinda thing.

yeah, if you’re wondering i’m bored and having fun making posts about nothing…. no i didn’t mean it like that. ms. lemonyellow is cool. the ny times had a story about her back when she lived in austin.

oh while i’m thinknig about austin, be sure and look for my letter to the editor in the chronicle on pedi-cabs. it should appear in this week or next week’s issue. – goofy picture of me on the front page

Editor’s Note (2023): The NY Times Story about (July 22, 1999) can be found here. Tags:

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